Easy RV Meals and Treats to Try This Holiday Season

You don’t have to skip out on some delicious holiday meals just because your kitchen is a little smaller! You also don’t need the latest gadget or full-sized appliances to make it work either. From tasty bites to savory spreads, there are plenty of easy RV meals you can make that will add some seasonal splendor to your holiday.

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5 Easy RV Meals and Treats to Try

As if you needed more treats to crave this holiday season, here are 5 more! Listed below is a small number of dishes you can make right in your own tiny kitchen.

Chili – Nothing beats a warm, hardy chili. Loaded with protein, flavor, and heat, it’s the perfect soup for cold weather. You can make any type of chili you like too with plant-based chili, turkey chili, green pepper chili, corn chili, and so many more. It’s one of the best meals because it can be cooked in a Crockpot, slow cooker, or Dutch oven.

Dip It Up! – Oh, nothing hits the spot like a delicious dip! Warm dips, cold dips, chips and dip, we all dip, so it’s no wonder it makes a great holiday treat. There are so many different flavors you can try and things you can dip too. Spinach artichoke dip with pita bread, ranch dip with veggies, or black bean queso dip with tortilla chips. Dips are a great choice for small kitchens looking for big flavors.

Charcuterie Tray – Just like dip, a charcuterie tray is an easy RV meal that can satisfy a group or your own favorite tastes. The great thing about these boards is that you can put whatever you like on them. Cheese, crackers, sweet treats, or savory ones, the whole setup is up to you.

Shepherd’s Pie – Warm your heart and get cozy with this hardy Irish dish. Although the original recipe is made with lamb, hamburger or plant-based meat make great substitutes. Shepherd’s pie is loaded with veggies and comforting flavors. You will need an oven to complete this recipe but even a toaster oven will work.

Sweet Crispix Mix – This tasty treat should come with a disclaimer! Sweet Crispix Cereal Mix is a holiday snack that is easy to crave. With only 4 easy ingredients, it is the perfect treat for making in a small space. You will need an oven, but again a toaster oven can work just fine with adjustments.


Which RV meals or snacks will you try next?

There are so many yummy foods out there and you don’t have to miss out on any of them! Even if it takes a little adjusting, these 5 easy RV meals and treats will warm up your home and add to that festive holiday cheer. So grab that slow cooker and gather your favorite flavors; it’s time to get into the holiday RV spirit!

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