Our History

Gold Country Campground began as Pine Acres back in 1956, providing a convenient place for visitors to discover the rich tradition and rugged beauty of California’s Gold Country. Many of our returning guests were children when they first visited Gold Country Campground. They are now returning with children and grandchildren of their own to enjoy family fun in the mountains!

For many generations Northern Sierra Miwok lived, traded and traversed the foothills and mountains of the Sierra Nevada. In 1844, non-Indians first crossed the high Sierra when Fremont’s Expedition, in deep snow, surmounted the range, thanks to several mountain-man immortals- Kit Carson, Alex Godey, Thomas Fitzpatrick.

The search for gold spread east and into the mountains. Miners and gold-panners could be found all over the Upcountry including Pine Grove, along the Mokelumne River, in Buckhorn or in long gone places called Tom & Dick or Pick and Drill.

For almost two centuries, people gravitated to Upcountry for the sparkling mountain lakes, the grassy meadows with glassy smooth ponds, abundant wildflowers, deep river canyons, dramatic mountain passes and to experience the rich diversity of recreation and history.

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