Gold Country Checklist for Your First-Time Tent Camping

Your first-time tent camping should be an exciting experience! It’s a chance to have a rustic adventure and an excellent way to get close to nature. Spending the night under the stars, gathered around the campfire, and cuddled up in a sleeping bag, there’s really nothing like it!

Here is a small list of some of the essentials to bring on your first-time tent camping.

first-time tent camping

Things to bring on your next tent camping trip.

Tent camping is a primitive experience. Sleeping under a canvas shelter is a rustic way to get outdoors and get closer to the basics of life. Such a simple setup can create such awesome memories! There are just a few things you can bring along for your first-time tent camping that will make sure you are comfortable and ready to have the time of your life!

1. The right tent – If there’s one thing you should pack on your first-time tent camping trip it’s most definitely a good tent! A good tent can make or break your tent camping experience. If you’re a big family, it may be worth a splurge on a bigger tent. Even solo travelers should look out for a tent that is comfortable and able to handle the elements.

2. Sleep tight – Treat yourself to a cozy sleeping bag or bring your own linens fit for an air mattress. Depending on how much you want to rough it, it’s still a good idea to bring something comfortable to sleep in (or on).

3. This little light of mine! Don’t forget to pack a lantern for your first-time tent camping! While dark skies are great for seeing the stars, you’ll still need to see your way around.

4. A jacket – It might surprise you how chilly it can get at night, so bring a jacket just in case.

5. Camping chairs – Especially if you plan to sit around a campfire, don’t forget to bring your own seat.

6. Shower caddy – Depending on how long you are planning to tent camp, you may want to take a shower. Grab a shower caddy for easy transport to and from the restroom facilities.

7. Firestarter! Bring some matches so you can light your campfire!

8. Bring a cooler – Decide what foods you’ll need to pack and get a good cooler for all your cold store items.

9. Utensils – Unless you really want to rough it, make sure to bring utensils for eating, cutting, serving, flipping, and cooking. You’ll also want to bring something to eat off of like bowls or plates. And if you plan to make anything over a fire, make sure to bring campfire utensils too!

10. Camping games – Your first-time tent camping isn’t complete without a fun camping game! Whether you’re on a solo trip or a family vacation, there are a ton of camping games out there to pass some time.

11. S’mores! This is a no-brainer for any camping trip.

Ready for your first-time tent camping?

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