Indian Grinding Rock State Historic Park

When you’re visiting us here at the Gold Country Campground Resort, you’re surrounded by all the great history of the Old West. One of the fascinating things to learn about is the early Native American presence before the settlers came. You can learn more about Native Americans by visiting the Indian Grinding Rock State Historic Park near Gold Country Campground.

About Indian Grinding Rock State Historic Park

The park is in the Sierra Nevada foothills. It features open meadows and large valley oaks and was designated a state park in 1968. The park contains the Grinding Rock, bark houses, acorn granaries, a game field and the Ceremonial Round House.

The park is open from sunrise to sunset every day of the year. The weather you’ll experience will vary based on when you’re visiting. Summer time is likely to feature weather that’s warm and dry. If you’re visiting during winter you might see some snow, but its more likely to be rain.

Indian Grinding Rock State Historic Park | Gold Country Campground Resort
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What to do

There’s plenty to do in the area for folks of any stripe. If you want to just stretch your legs, you can take either the North or South Trail. The North Trail is going to send you around the reconstructed village while the South Trail is a nature trail and will gives you the chance to see the flora and fauna of the area.

If you’re interested in the area for its history, you can explore the reconstructed village or visit the Chaw’se Regional Indian Museum.

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