Miniature Golf – Not Just For Amateurs Anymore

Got an ardent golfer in the family? Tiger Woods says, “Some of my happiest memories are spending time with my pops on the golf course having putting contests.”

Miniature golf is great casual fun and it can also bring in the bucks. Yes, you heard right. Professional Mini-golf is the real deal and some folks are tremendous competitors. It’s all about the putt. Start practicing at Gold Country Campground’s ‘little links’ right now and you might be the next US Mini-Master!

Unlike many mini-golf courses, ours has no whirling windmills or creepy clowns. We feature real astro-turf putting greens, with varying degrees of incline and difficulty. And like billiards, you can bank your shots off the raised edges of the putting greens.

Mini-golf and Camping | Gold Country Mini-Golf Course

Whether you are a grown-up or a not-quite-grown-up, get started on being a Mini-Master with these tips…

  • Use your own putter. You’re already used to it and it’s the right length for your height.
  • Read the instructions printed on the score card. You can save yourself penalty strokes by knowing exactly how far you can re-position a ball that is pinned to the perimeter.
  • Whack the ball with ‘authority’, using the CENTER of the club face. Your shot has to get the ball as near to the hole as possible so you can make the short putt.
  • Make the short putts. If you hope to ever be a Mini-Golf champ, you will need to sink the ball in one or two shots.
  • Practice, practice, practice!

Even if you don’t know a Mashie (a modern 5-iron) from a Niblick (a modern 9-iron), you can declare yourself a professional by joining the US Pro Mini Golf Association and paying $25 bucks.

Don’t get discouraged! Even the pro’s get beat sometimes. Tiger played Jimmy Fallon on Wii’s Tiger Woods PGA Tour 10 in June 2009. Jimmy Fallon won.

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PS: While you are practicing your swing, the rest of the family can enjoy the swimming pool, splash pad, basketball, horseshoes, game room and the playground.

See ya on the Gold Country Mini-Golf course. Fore!

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