Reasons to Visit California in the Fall

California in the fall means comfortable temperatures, less crowds, and all the fun you come to expect from such a beautiful place! Whether you’re visiting your first national park or treating yourself to the delicious flavors of the season, you’ll be in the heart of adventure. Not to mention all the chances to cozy up, relax, and unwind. From the valley to the mountains, come experience the wonder of the area as the season changes.

Here’s just a taste of some of the ways you can enjoy California in the fall.

California in the fall

Reasons to Visit California in the Fall.

1. Less Crowds– Naturally as summer ends and the kids are back at school, most places start to be less crowded. This is the great advantage about visiting California in the fall. It means less people are out traveling and you’ll get to see all these neat places with a little less congestion. California is a very populated place, so you’ll never be completely free of crowded areas, but the advantages are still there!

2. Farmer’s Markets– California has the climate for delicious fruits and vegetables. Taste your way through fall at the local farmer’s market. Crisp apples, fresh veggies, artisan products, and more, a farmer’s market is a great way to support local business and appreciate the local flavors.

3. Vineyards and Wineries– You can also sip your way through California in the fall! Known for its sprawling wine country, California has some of the best wineries and vineyards around. Reds, whites, and rosés, taste all the elegant and lush flavors of the land by visiting some of the wineries in your area. Nothing pairs better than a beautiful outdoor setting and delicious wine, so start planning your fall vineyard trip today.

4. National Parks– If you’re looking to visit a national park this fall, you’re in luck because California has 9! The most of any state, the California National Park system is diverse in both landscape and location. From the hot desert of Death Valley to the tall wonders of the Redwoods, there are some really incredible places to see from north to south. And with less crowds during the fall, it’s also a great time to plan your visit as national parks are always a top destination.

5. CampingCalifornia in the fall means great camping weather! California has a mild, sunny disposition and year-round warmth in some places. That makes camping a great activity for the fall especially if you’re escaping the cold northern climate. We’re looking at you, snowbirds and fall vacationers!

6. Climate– Did we mention how awesome the California climate is? In the Pine Grove area alone, the average temperature for October is 75 degrees Fahrenheit. This means no freezing your buns off even as the fall season is in full swing. So as some places gear up for the bitter cold, you’ll be keeping it flannel cozy and light jacket warm.

7. Because It’s Just Fun! The truth is, California is just great to visit no matter what the season is. With plenty of things to do, see, and explore, you’ll never run out of adventure. Even as the snow starts to fall in the high mountains, you can enjoy cabin getaways and ski resorts. From fall and beyond, California is your place for experiences.

Time to Visit California in the Fall!

Wineries, farmer’s markets, and the best climate for camping you could ask for, it’s safe to say visiting California in the fall is a must. There are so many fun things to see and explore for kids and adults alike. So start planning your trip today and don’t forget to add a stay at Gold Country Campground Resort to your list! With proximity to all the delights of fall and awesome onsite amenities, it’s the perfect spot to enjoy the season.

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