Ride the Rails at the California State Railroad Museum

When you think about California you probably think about gold, Hollywood, pioneers, and trains. Trains helped to build this country and as part of that, they helped to build California. Railroads were a major factor in helping tie the country together. Thousands rode the rails from East to West.

Much of the West used to be like a separate country from the East, but the laying of tracks, made the binding together of the two halves inevitable. When you’re staying at the Gold Country Campground Resort, visit the California State Railroad Museum, a place dedicated to celebrating this history.

California State Railroad Museum

The California State Railroad Museum was opened in 1976 and is a large and popular visitor destination, attracting more than 500,000 people every year. The museum uses stimulating exhibits, docents, and restored locomotives to show the amazing history of rails in California and the West in 225,000+ square feet of exhibit space.

Museum Exhibits

Right now, the museum is featuring the Chinese Railroad Worker’s Experience. This gives visitors an idea of the ways Chinese workers helped to build the first Transcontinental Railroad. They also have an exhibit called Farm to Fork, which talks about how trains have been used to transport food. You can also visit the Gold Spike exhibit, see a toy train exhibit, and visit a selection of restored locomotives.

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The Gold Country Campground Resort, close to the California State Railroad Museum, has been around since 1956 as a place where visitors could discover the rich tradition and rugged beauty of California’s Gold Country.

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