Tips for Your Best RV Winter Camping Trip Yet

RVing in the winter can be magical. There’s nothing more peaceful than hitting the road in chilly weather, knowing that whether you’re staying inside or going out for winter activities with the family, your rig will always be cozy and warm.

However, leaving things unplanned can decrease the amount of fun and warmth of your trip. With this in mind, let’s go over the best winter RV camping tips we can offer.

Winter RV Camping | Winter RV Camping Tips

How to Have the Best RV Winter Camping Trip Ever

Vary Your Plans

Cold temperatures can take a turn quickly, so you must go prepared. You could get hit with unanticipated bouts of bad weather when you had planned a terrific day out.

While that’s a bummer, you should know that relying solely on outside conditions for your RV trip could result in frustration. In this case, having inside/outside backup plans will make sure you never have a “wasted” day. The secret is keeping your plans flexible.

For instance, if the day you planned to go skiing is a complete whiteout, no worries. You anticipated that could happen, and since it did happen, you can spend a chilly day watching the RV movies you love so much using the WiFi here at Gold Country RV Resort.

Make a Checklist of Winter-Proof Items You Can’t Forget

The cozier you get inside and the more excited you get outside, the better the trip. Which begs the question: are you forgetting anything?

  • Extra food and water (for emergencies)
  • Thermal blankets for cold nights
  • Ice windshield scraper
  • Skiing gear (goggles, poles, snowboards…)
  • Hats, mittens, jackets, vests, layers, layers, layers!

Protect Your RV

For interior and exterior winterization, make sure you’ve checked off the following:

  • Keep an eye out for leaks, holes, or anything that could be remotely related to water damage on the roof and walls. If you find any, a good sealant can help with blockage.
  • On the outside, look for anything that could be a gateway for snow or wind (such as cracks on windows). Check the seals around the windows and doors of the RV.
  • Wrap freshwater and sewer hoses with heat tape strips to keep the lines warm and prevent freezing. Heat tape can be applied around valves and connections most at risk of freeze-ups. Also add foam insulation in addition to heat tape for extra protection.
  • Open bathroom and kitchen cabinets, so heating can keep internal plumbing warm. Allowing a small drip from faucets can also help combat freezing.
  • Instead of connecting the RV to external water sources, fill the internal freshwater tank to use as the primary water source. This allows disconnecting and safely storing the freshwater hose.
  • If RV water lines or the water pump are not protected by a heat source, use a small space heater to help prevent freezing. Practice safety precautions by keeping space heaters the appropriate distance away from RV components and vents.
  • Adding a small amount of antifreeze in holding tanks can protect the valves from freezing.
  • Only dump tanks when they are full to reduce the risk of freezing. Keep waste valves closed when not in use.

Unsure of Where to Go? Gold Country is Waiting for You!

If you’re craving a peaceful trip alone, with a partner or with the whole family (and are running from severe snowstorms), we’ve got just the place.

Gold Country Campground in Pine Grove, CA is perfect for those looking to enjoy a mild, peaceful winter and take a few days off from their hectic routine. You might get a few snow days and cold nights, but nothing extreme–simply winterize your rig beforehand and you’re good to go!

Come check out Gold Country’s accommodations, amenities and activities (onsite and off-site).

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