Wildlife at Gold Country Campground

Here in Pine Grove, CA – the home of Gold Country Campground located in the Sierra Foothills – there’s plenty of opportunities for visitors to get outdoors and enjoy their natural surroundings. With this comes the possibility of observing and encountering wildlife.

Encountering Wildlife | Wildlife at Gold Country Campground

Wildlife You’re Likely to See

Here’s a brief breakdown of all the animals you will have the chance to encounter while out in the wilderness of Pine Grove, as well as some brief information about each:


  • Black Bear: A medium sized type of bear that will be drawn into smells of food or other commodities. It’s best to keep your distance. Read below for bear safety.
  • Blacktail Jackrabbit: Also known as a desert hare with distinctly large ears. This rabbit is likely to be skittish of humans, so observe quietly if you happen upon one.
  • California Mouse: Keep an eye out for this little one! The California mouse has big ears and a notably long tail. They tend to nest underground, so be mindful of where you step.
  • Gray Fox: The gray fox is known for its sleek black and silver coat. This unique coloring used to be as popular (if not more) than the common red fox but has decreased in population over time due to deforestation. Watch carefully – these are sneaky little fellas!
  • Long-Eared Chipmunk: Like the California mouse, you’ll have to keep an eye out if you want to catch a glimpse of the long-eared chipmunk – so named for their long upward pointing ears.
  • Mule and Whitetail Deer: Mule and whitetail deer are the most likely variations of the animal to be seen in Pine Grove. Mule deer tend to be bigger and the males tend to have larger antlers.
  • Mountain Lion: Mountain lions pose some danger, especially to solo hikers or campers. Read below for mountain lion safety.


  • Alligator Lizard: Alligator lizards can be found in almost every natural habitat in the state of California! They are on average around 12 inches in size.
  • Gilbert’s Skink: This lizard can also get quite large, around 10 – 12 inches. They are found in many habitats, but generally avoid heavy brush and dense forests.


  • Screech Owl: Screech owls are typically shorter and rounder, with pointed ear tufts. You are more likely to encounter them at night, though you will likely only hear them.
  • Wild Turkey: Wild turkeys are the classic turkey you picture when thinking about the bird. They are actually quite large and can have a wingspan of around 6 feet!

Wildlife Safety

Bears and mountain lions you may encounter within the local wilderness. Knowing how to properly handle these situations is important for maintaining personal safety while outdoors. Here are some tips for bear and mountain lion safety:


  • Identify yourself with a calm voice so the bear knows you’re there.
  • Do not drop your pack or run – sudden movements may trigger the bear.
  • Keep food items well packed and stored to avoid campsite bear visits.

Mountain Lions

  • Do not hike alone – mountain lions are more likely to avoid groups.
  • Make yourself appear larger, not smaller by crouching or cowering.
  • Do not run – back away slowly, without turning your back to the animal.

If you notice bears or mountain lions while you are out in the wilderness, remember to stay calm and do not approach them. To learn more, visit the National Parks Service pages for bear and mountain lion safety!

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